Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today is the Big Day, when many in this country get to cast their vote in presidential primaries or caucuses. For many it’s their first meaningful primary vote, considering how the fantastic primary system we have usually picks the candidates long before most of the country has even had a chance to vote.

Here’s a quiz: When’s the last time neither major party was running their incumbent or their sitting or last vice president?

I am not making any endorsements today, not after the Edwards/Giuliani debacle last week. So you’ll all have to pick between two evils without my advice. What’s most important to you? Positions on issues? Ability to promise the world? Experience? Ability to sling cutting remarks off the cuff? Leadership? Inspirational speechifying? Integrity? Ability to compromise? Stated position on litmus-test issues reduced to binary choices by the media?

Don’t be afraid to choose the greater of two evils. Sometimes that’s the right choice.

-- Satan

P.S. Happy Birthday to Hank Aaron!

Ask Satan will return tomorrow. Questions welcome, by email or in the comments.


double post said...

This is the fist time I seriously considered not voting, but I dragged my sorry ass out in the cold rain and voted for the guy I truly wanted and skipped the votes for the delegates since my guy didn't have any and continued on. I honestly could not pick the lesser of two evils.

double post said...

Also, I was wondering when they print up these ballots, since Edwards dropped out only 5 days ago and he didn't have any delegates.

Übermilf said...

Is it over? Did I win?

Satan said...

Depends. Are you secretly John McCain? I guess I've never seen the two of you in the same place, and I can't recall seeing you lift your hands over your head, so, well, maybe you did...

-- Satan