Monday, February 25, 2008

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Over the weekend, FranIAm graced me with the award pictured on the right. My first blog award, I don’t know what to say... So instead I’ll share my internal cost-benefit analysis of what this award means to me:

1. I’m flattered. Feeding feelings of vanity, one of the seven deadly sins. Definite plus.

2. Provides an easy blog entry for today, enabling sloth, another of the seven deadly sins. Another plus.

3. Award is obviously a pyramid scheme, as each awardee is meant to bestow the same award on ten other bloggers. Flavor of corruption is reinforced by resemblence of award logo to Enron logo, as noted in update to FranIAm’s blog entry. However, pyramid scheme is poorly implemented, as links only go back one level. Overall effect is mixed. To improve the efficacy of the scheme, I track the awarding path backwards:

BAC at Yikes!
Blue Gal
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Moue Magazine
Mary Ann at Maryannaville
Cotojo at Life
Stacey at Real World Mom
Tim at The Inflatable Soapbox
Stacey at Real World Mom

No, that’s not a typo – it looks like there’s a loop there…

4. Alleged link to this blog put up my FranIAm actually points here, to one Suzi Riot. Neither here nor there as far as the cost/benefit analysis, but amusing.

5. Obligation incurred to pass the award along to ten other bloggers. Awkward. I started doing this – well, I really started doing this on a lark, but I’ve continued doing it primarily for the rather masturbatory purpose of my own amusement. The problem is that I don’t actually have 10 other blogs I read, and the one I do are based primarily on the fact that they’ve left comments on my blog entries. Well, excuses aside, here’s what I’ve got:

Übermilf – impetus for initially starting a blog
FranIAm – hey, other people had loops…
Distributorcap NY
Diane – though I am not sure a Lutheran minister will appreciate a link from Satan…

Hurm, that’s not many links. I’m still short five… Well, here are some completely different kinds of blogs:

Uni Watch
Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered
38 Pitches – Curt Schilling’s blog
On the Road with Pat Neshek
A Brief Message

-- Satan

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FranIAm said...

You naughty boy. I mean, man. I mean- whatever it is that you are.

You have confounded me - and thus proving that old saw, confusion is the tool of... Oh nevermind, I hate old f*cking saws.

Sacred and profane. Yep that is me.

Glad you had such fun with this. Maybe it wasn't fun for you. It was fun for me.

And nice work, linking to Diane. Be good you, she is very special to me!

Stacey @RealWorldMom said...

Congratulations on the award! What a wonderful idea to include past recipients! I'll have to remember that if I receive another award! Have a terrific day!

Übermilf said...

I'm creating an "eh, so-so" award just for you.

CTK said...

I leave daily comments on your blog and this is the thanks I get?

I'm the only one who even guessed at your VP question.


Satan said...

Hmm. My working assumption is that people don't want an endorsement from Satan. But please correct me if I'm wrong!

Stacey - well done. Putting your real world skills to work, I see!

Quite impressive that Stacey picked up so quickly that someone had linked to her blog.

FranIAm - Well, "boy" and "man" are technically both wrong. "Angel" is actually closest to being technically accurate, but I'm guessing you won't like that. There's also "demon" or "devil," but they tend to invoke unintended idiomatic overtones. There's always the vaguely Star Trek-ish "entity." Or more prosaically, you can just use the name of an unpleasant body part metaphorically.

-- Satan

Distributorcap said...

i like having a ringing endorsement from Satan, then again when you read what i write -- would you expect less?

thank you my friend...... i always knew the devil made me do it

timbury said...

It's nice to rediscover an old friend! Thanks for the link, buddy. We've been through a lot together over the years. People have oft suggested I visit you. Some go so far as to imply I'll be hellmates with you eventually. If this post is any indication of the Fallen Angel's wit and sense of humor, I look forward to it.

Satan said...

Distributorcap - happy to give you the endorsement! Ringing, though... For a ringing endorsement I'd have to go into more detail about all your positive attributes. According to my value system, of course. Now, you sure that's what you want?

Timbury - Welcome! Also quite clever at link trackbacks, I see. (Using open source code, I'm sure.)

FranIAm - A question for you. Today Diane bought up a question that is right up my alley: Is Barack Obama the Antichrist? Now, I could answer this question easily, but does she want me to post comments on her blog? Please advise.

FranIAm said...

For starters - I am good with angel, but I use the small a for you, nothing personal.

As for your endorsement, I am good with it. Clearly Ubermilf is less enthusiastic, why is that?

Hmmm... blogging is fair game if you ask me. Diane has come here to comment on your blog I think. And she makes some interesting points in her post, that you might wish to comment on.

Honestly I would say go to it and if she wishes she can delete your comments or ask you to stay away. Get thee behind me or something to that affect. It has been used before and by someone that both Diane and I are very, very fond of.

There is a rather diabolic element of you asking me if you should go to her blog, so therefore I am someone a party to sending evil to the pastor's blog...

Bottom line and I can only speak for myself here - I have no problem with you and your presence. I have every confidence in the One that I use capital letters to denote. He is big enough that I am not too worried about you.

Plus He told me to forgive freely, so that should include you, IMHO anyway.

Satan said...

Ok, FranIAm, here goes nothing...

Diane said...

hmmm Satan, it's Lent and I haven't been around the blogs as much as I would like, so I just got your award.

I'm still sort of um, trying to figure out what it means, that satan think I'm excellent.

sort of scary.

in a deadly sin sort of way

Satan said...

Well, if it helps, I think Jesus was excellent too. There are not many people I would spend 40 days in the desert with! I would be his Adversary any day.