Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look Here

I haven't been posting much recently. Hopefully the busy spring season will slow down soon. The NCAA tournament picks rush is slowing down (next is the actual tournament), as is most of spring training; school and job applications are ongoing. I have a list of things now I want to write about; hopefully closer to sooner than later.

I did find time to browse the blogs late at night here, though. A truly hilarious post and comments section chez Übermilf -- it made my day.

For those of religious faith, or also those who care to think, FranIAm has a very thoughtful and eloquent post. My job would be very different if more than a minority of those who claim to be strongly religious felt this way. Harder, and also more interesting.

Fran, I did not want to despoil your comments section, so a comment here. Whatever you might think about washing Dick Cheney's feet, or mine, I can tell you one little story about the actual person Jesus whose story you ritually recall (through a mirror, darkly) these three days. He washed my feet. And I washed his.

As for that NCAA tournament, in case you haven't made your picks yet, here are the answers -- though keep in mind that, as in the Superbowl, I may change them if the right deal comes along.

1st round winners: North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame, Washington State, Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, Tennessee
2nd round winners: North Carolina, Washington State, Oklahoma, Tennessee
3rd round winners: North Carolina, Tennessee
Final Four: North Carolina

1st round winners: Kansas, UNLV, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Georgetown
2nd round winners: Kansas, Clemson, Wisconsin, Georgetown
3rd round winners: Kansas, Wisconsin
Final Four: Kansas

1st round winners: Memphis, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, Texas
2nd round winners: Memphis, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas
3rd round winners: Memphis, Texas
Final Four: Memphis

1st round winners: UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake, Connecticut, Purdue, Xavier, West Virginia, Duke
2nd round winners: UCLA, Drake, Xavier, Duke
3rd round winners: UCLA, Duke
Final Four: UCLA

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Ɯbermilf said...

Please explain why I prefer taco dip while watching NFL playoffs yet favor Cheet-Os while watching college basketball?

Is it the orange ball, do you think?

Satan said...

Maybe it means you think college basketball is cheesy?

Or perhaps it's a commentary on the NCAA's pretense of being "amateur" athletics?

-- Satan

FranIAm said...

A quick word to Ubermilf first- there is something about eating foods that contain some sort of "cheese-esqe" substance but that are a color that does not exactly exist in nature that draws us to all of these items during sports viewing.

At least in my opinion.

As for you Satan, I am grateful for the linkage and really grateful for the kind words.

Maybe you can tell me the foot story some time, I am curious and actually hopeful about the details.

I don't think I'd ever imagine myself saying this (although I have never really been put off by you or afraid) but I really am growing in warmth and respect for you.

Not so fast- I said growing in... JC is still my main man.

Happy Eas.. Oh never mind, Happy Brackety Time to you.

Shite. The verification word is fiuks, which is just a slight variation to a word that I use entirely too much.

FRITZ said...

Dear Satan:

Thank you for inventing bankruptcy. Now, I don't have to pay my bills and I can buy a pair of those fancy Mlano Blahnik shoes I've been wanting.

Just a note of appreciation!

Yours in Servitude,

CTK said...

All #1 seeds advancing to the Final Four? Bold.

Satan said...

Fritz - You're welcome!

That reminds me that Übermilf asked about fashion advice once. Manolo Blahnik shoes are a great example of the type of fashion I love: shoes designed to fit an artist's conception of a woman's foot, rather than an actual woman's foot.

CTK - Keep in mind that this is what would happen if no deals are made as we go. Your perception is based on what happened in the past as a result of various dealings.

Satan said...

Interesting deal I was offered by a Davidson alumna, incidentally.