Monday, March 10, 2008

Different Things

I'm taking a brief break from the seasonal overload I mentioned a couple weeks ago to share some thoughts about one of the different approaches people have been known to try. Perhaps it's even one of the things Diane was wondering about in the comments section.

One seasonal event that makes this time of year busy for me is that students are applying for college and graduate school - or to be precise, they have applied and are now hoping they'll get in. Some turn to me for help, others try to tilt the scales with messages like this (names changed to protect the guilty):

Dear Admissions Committee,

Sorry to trouble you, I am Cinnamon Spitzer, who has been admitted with full financial aid, but my boyfriend William Kennedy has not get any news from you. We are very worried about this now. If you cannot offer William admission with financial support, I have to be with him and join another school.

Or this:

I am very interested in your school because my girlfriend works nearby in Springfield.

Ok, just a little feedback:

1.) What the hell are you thinking? Do you think the admissions committee gives a flying fuck about your sex life?

2.) In reality, not a bad idea. Admissions is trying to fill a quota. If you convince them you will actually take their offer you have a better chance of getting in.

Just some thoughts, back to work.

-- Satan


Ɯbermilf said...

Clearly, our children isn't learning.

Satan said...

Hence the need for foreign applicants, adding to my workload...

Annie Oakley said...

Folks are dumb
Where I come from
They hadn't any learn'in
Still we're happy as can be
A doin'in a what comes naturally

Distributorcap said...

are we mixing politics (spitzer, kennedy) with admission???

Satan said...

Must have policits on the brain when making up pseudonyms. I did avoid using Sidney Rodham and Hillary Obama...