Saturday, September 27, 2008

Satan's Picks

Here's how the current worldline will play out, before future interventions:

Atlanta @ Carolina Carolina
Cleveland @ Cincinnati Cincinnati
Houston @ Jacksonville Jacksonville
Denver @ Kansas City Denver
San Francisco @New Orleans New Orleans
Arizona @ NY Jets Arizona
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay Green Bay
Minnesota @ Tennessee Tennessee
San Diego @ Oakland San Diego
Buffalo @ St Louis Buffalo
Washington @ Dallas Dallas
Philadelphia @ Chicago Philadelphia
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Baltimore

Forgot to post these last week, so for the record:

Kansas City @ Atlanta Atlanta
Oakland @ Buffalo Buffalo
Tampa Bay @ Chicago Tampa Bay
Carolina @ Minnesota Minnesota
Miami @ New England New England
Cincinnati @ NY Giants NY Giants
Houston @ Tennessee Tennessee
Arizona @ Washington Arizona
Nawlins @ Denver Denver
Detroit @ San Francisco San Francisco
St Louis @ Seattle Seattle
Cleveland @ Baltimore Baltimore
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis Indianapolis
Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia Philadelphia
Dallas @ Green Bay Green Bay
NY Jets @ San Diego San Diego

Quiet week for me, actually - only three games revised. The main excitement was the faction who hate the Patriots waking up to the fact that just taking out Tom Brady wasn't enough to make the Patriots lose, so they had to step up and sell a little more...

-- Satan

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Satan had picks. Good work Satan, haha.