Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ask Satan

Übermilf asked:

is taco dip one of your inventions?

Um, no... Why, does it feel sinful? Do you feel like you're getting extra help when you make it?


Ok, it's been slow here lately. I'm mostly just amused by the idea that the U.S. of A. Federal Government will soon own a huge part of the country's financial industry. Yeah, that's capitalism for you. To think Reagan and Bush (the Greater) really thought they'd beat socialism in the Cold War.

But moving from comedy to sports, the ancient and honorable competition of Finger Pointing has been great. Not as good as the F1 race at Spa (the actual race, not the stewards), but pretty good nonetheless. My favorite entry so far comes by way of that champion of the feet, both surgically and in his mouth, none other than Curt Schilling: Finger Pointing 101...

A revisionist masterpiece. Any other contenders?

-- Satan

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Übermilf said...

It appears his own readers/commentators are taking him to task.

You know what would be nice (albeit impossible?) If Repubs would say, "We gave ol' Milton and Uncle Ronnie's way a shot, and it didn't work out like we hoped. Sorry about that. Now, how do we work together to fix this mess?"

On an unrelated note, I just thought taco dip seemed like your kind of thing, delicious and seductive, yet deadly in the long run.