Monday, July 28, 2008


I have nothing pithy to say. But I have not posted in a week, so I'll just complain.

I hate the wave. I strongly dislike Joba Chamberlain. It is an embarrassment that Marvin Miller is not in the Hall of Fame. I do not understand how anyone can take seriously a sport that encourages players to pretend to be hurt on the field. I hate Ferrari. I can't decide which is worse for sports, instant replay rules or the drug testing arms race. I don't really care about the Olympics any more, except the stuff about the Speedo swimsuit, which is only because of the amusement of endorsement deals forcing people into inferior products.

What would the outcome be if we ran all the primaries over again from scratch, back to the beginning of fundraising? Or would the same endorsement deals still force people into the same inferior products?

That's all the crap I can come up with today, a day of confluence of bad events. Hope yours was better.

-- Satan


Übermilf said...

I think it's less that you hate certain things, but love freedom, and chafe against anything that restricts the exercise of it.

For instance, the wave is a "forced" display of support. It is nothing but peer pressure in stadium form.

I could extrapolate that theme for the others you listed, but I don't feel like it.

Satan said...

Joba Chamberlain restricts the exercise of freedom? I thought I didn't like him because he's a dick. And he wears his hat wrong.

Übermilf said...

I must admit, I had to look up who this "Joba" person was.

1) he forces the world to look at his ugly face;

2) how does he get "Joba" from "Justin Louis?" He is forcing the world to call him an entirely unnatural name, just because some 4 year old cousin of his couldn't pronounce his real name.

3) He plays for the Yankees. He can potentially rob you of the chance to see a Cubs/Red Sox World Series, and I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to ruin your happiness.

4) Despite his ugly, dopey-looking face, he dated Alyssa Milano. That couldn't happen without some sort of tinkering with the natural order.

In conclusion, Joba Chamberlain foists his unpleasant visage upon the world, insists that people call him by a goofy name for no good reason, creates unhappiness by helping the New York Yankees win games, and defies natural law.

Satan said...

You now know far more about Joba Chamberlain than I do! I thought he was named after a Star Wars character or something. I mostly don't like him because he keeps throwing at Kevin Youkilis.

Re: the Cubs/Red Sox Series possibility: I am definitely not willing to raise Chamberlain to the level of Grady Little and Dusty Baker just yet.